• Breakout-Board with LPT (for Micropod2-LPT)

The breakout board allows the operation of up to four stepper motor or servo output stages at the parallel port of
a PC. For this purpose a control software Beamicon2 or Beamicon2-Basic
is required (not included).

The board can be adjusted to many different
configurations. Depending on the selected configuration, additional functions such as control of a frequency
converter or speed controller, reference switches, up to 2 relay outputs, an output for a holding brake and a
watchdog (so-called "charge pump") are available.

All signals of the PC port are buffered, so that a maximum of noise immunity is achieved. All machine-side
signals are designed for 24V level, ensuring robustness and compatibility with industrial sensors. Ready-made
connection cables for BEAST stepper motor power amplifiers, UHU-DC servo controllers and brushless servo
systems from Sanyo-Denki are available (not included), so that quick and error-free wiring is possible.

Attention, NEW: Supply voltage maximum 75V! 5V- and 12V-output loadable up to 0,5A

Installation Manual

Breakout-Board with LPT (for Micropod2-LPT)

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