• IO-Extension for Beamicon2

The IO extension provides additional digital inputs and outputs for the Beamicon2 CNC control system. This means
number of available inputs and outputs is not restricted to the limited number available with the
NetBOB or the CncPod, but can be extended as required.
The module has eight outputs and eight inputs with 24V level. Unused outputs can also be used as
used as inputs, so that up to 16 inputs are available as an alternative. For data transmission
from the PC, a normal network connection with RJ45 cable is used. For the connection of several
modules to a PC, a network switch is required. All signals are galvanically isolated from the PC. All
inputs and outputs are equipped with filters and protected against short circuits and polarity reversal, so that maximum
maximum interference immunity is achieved.

Installation Manual

IO-Extension for Beamicon2

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