Coolant adjustment couldn't be easier.

- Fully automatic adjustment depending on cutter length
- Adjustment via macro even during milling (bores, outer contour)
- Simple position input via teach-in (no programming required)
- Integrated MQL, which uses only a few ml of lubricant per day (adjustable)
- Flood cooling as basic version
- Various accessories available
- existing nozzles with standard G1/4" can be used
- high-quality workmanship made of anodized aluminium
- Waterproof
- also suitable for conventional machines (with optional selector switch)
- high-quality design and packaging

Flood cooling or minimum quantity lubrication, everything is possible.
Modern touch-in technology makes it easy to set the exact position for each tool.
This means that manual readjustment is no longer necessary with an automatic tool changer and production times are reduced.

The position of the coolant jet is simply set using buttons. The system remembers the position and when a tool with the same length is selected, the coolant jet is set exactly the same again. This means that manual adjustment of the coolant supply is no longer necessary. Tool changes are now easier and correct cooling is always guaranteed.

Intelli-Cool can also be used without a CNC machine. Eight positions can then be programmed in, which can be selected using a switch*.
This puts an end to the days of getting dirty with coolant.

Intelli-Cool is also a complete minimum quantity lubrication unit. This allows efficient cooling even on machines without an enclosure, for example when machining aluminum.

Programable Nozzle for flood cooling

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