The interface module allows the operation of up to four stepper motor or servo output stages with the Beamicon2
CNC software. A normal network connection with RJ45 cable is used for data transfer from the PC. The 25-pin
SUBD connector can be connected to a conventional breakout board, the TripleBeast or any other controller with
LPT port, allowing control of up to 4 axes.

Since no parallel port is needed on the PC, the well-known limitations of the step frequency and problems
with timing are a thing of the past. All signals are galvanically isolated from the PC, so that a maximum of noise
immunity is achieved.

The MicroPod is ideal, if an existing controller, which was previously operated with LPT port, is to be
upgraded for the Beamicon2 software with network operation, or if the maximum 4 axes of the breakout board
with integrated network interface (NETBOB1) is not sufficient.

Installation manual


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