• Beamicon2 Plugin for MPG

Plugin for Thirdparty controls for Beamicon2 (+Basic)

The plugin for the Beamicon2 software currently supports the following models

Manufacturer XHC :
XHC HB-04 (wired version),
XHC HB-04 (wireless),

As the manufacturer XHC offers different versions of the handwheels and occasionally changes them, it is important that you are aware of the exact version of the handwheel.
Correct functioning can only be guaranteed if it really is the model mentioned above. Test your handwheel version before purchasing the plug-in! (Chapter Recognizing the handwheel type)
It should also be noted that these handwheels have been developed for use with the CNC control software MACH3 or other programs. Some key assignments and
displays do not make sense when used with Beamicon2 or are not clear.

Installation Manual

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Beamicon2 Plugin for MPG

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